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Offre d'emploi de AREA CONSTRUCTION MANAGER : Offre d'emploi

Emploi de Construction Manager

1. Position He is nominated by the Head Office Construction Department Manager and remains part of the Construction Department throughout his assignment.
The H.O. Construction Department Manager informs the Project Director accordingly.
He is linked to the Site Manager to whom he reports and from whom he receives instructions.
He has at his disposal a jobsite team and logistic resources suitable for the construction of his Area.

2. Duties And Responsibilities (for his Area) · Overall responsibility for the H.S.E. in his area
· Overall responsibility for managing and coordinating all construction activities at site in his area, in compliance with the Site Procedures and the instructions received from the Site Manager.
· Management of the Unit Superintendents,
· Work in close relationship with the dedicated Technical Services Manager’s Field Engineers team : Subcontract Administration Manager, Project Control (cost, progress and planning), Material Manager, HSE Manager team.

3. Tasks (for his Area) ¨ Reports to the Site Manager
¨ Implements on the works the objective of the Site Manager in term of Safety, Quality, Environmental and Progress. Suggests to the Site Manager any preventive and/ or corrective actions, as necessary
¨ Responsible for HSE performance of personnel. Attends the safety meetings with the Subcontractors. Ensures in collaboration with the Site HSE Manager that all HSE procedures in force are applied. Participates pro-actively and directly in the HSE programme; Ensures that the Site H.S.E. programme is in place in all the area (including temporary facilities). Nurtures and develops an HSE oriented attitude with the superintendents and supervisors
¨ Ensures that the Site Quality plan is implemented. Enforces the construction plan and procedures on his area. Ensures that the plant is constructed in accordance with approved drawings, specifications and local regulations. Checks directly or indirectly (through the Unit Superintendents) the work carried out. Ensure that Subcontractors at all times have sufficient and up-dated engineering documents. Initiates invitation through Quality Management for Authorities and/or Company inspections and tests.
¨ Manages the works with assistance of Discipline Superintendents & Supervisors. Conducts the jobsite coordination and chairs the construction related meetings as required.
¨ Coordinates construction efforts with Project Control Manager, other Area Construction Managers, Pre-commissioning/Commissioning Manager, Technical Services Manager, Material Manager, and HSE Manager, as well as Company representatives on the job-site. Coordinates various Subcontractors at points of interface and determines works priorities. Make sure that the Subcontractors collaborate with each other and maintain good relations in the general interest of the Project;
¨ Controls construction progress and adjusts field requirements to maintain job progress. Ensures that the field requirements for staff and labour, equipment, tools and construction facilities are compatible with the overall plant schedule. Maintains a diligent control of equipment and material deliveries overseeing workmanship and materials and informs the Site Manager of any possible effects on the construction progress in order that the necessary corrective measures will be taken. Coordinates schedules so that resources and materials are available to promote efficient erection of the plant, Coordinates the site Material Management with the Material Manager. Assist during updates of construction schedules. Take part in all the planning meetings and ensure that the construction works proceed in conformity with planning decisions. Ensure that subcontractors have adequate resources to execute the works (personnel and equipment).
¨ Maintains contact with Subcontractors for the entire duration of the works. Provides guidance, assistance and advice to the Subcontractors on all Construction matters, Prepares the agenda for the weekly meeting with the Subcontractors, leads the meetings, gives the priorities for the next week, imposes corrective actions
¨ .Prepares Monthly Job Progress status reports for the Site Manager. Assist him in the preparation of the progress reports. Is responsible for the validation of the subcontractors weekly & monthly progress
¨ Approves, exercises close supervision, keeps careful cost control over all activities connected with variation orders and extra works orders;

Contrat : CDD Iterm

Pays sous le droit duquel le contrat de travail sera signé : France

Temps de travail : Temps plein

Lieu du poste : Imouraren ne

Période :

Début : 0000-00-00
Fin : 0000-00-00
Durée : 2 ans

Caractéristiques du candidat idéal : Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+3
Poste pas accessible aux personnes sans qualification
Poste pas accessible aux personnes sans experience

Langue :
Français : Avancé
Anglais : Avancé

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